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Why we need insurance?

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Our entire business runs on our core values and creates value for the customers. We believe that transparency, providing genuine products, and smooth online process for instant connection to us will enhance the trust of the customers in our vision for them.

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Why We Need To Plan?

What does insurance mean?

Insurance is a protection plan you invest in for financial losses that might occur due to unforeseen events. The companies pay the amount to cover your loss from the money that you invest as premium in the insurance plan.

Do I need insurance?

Since lifestyle diseases increasing amount even young population, and coronavirus still showing no sign of receding you need health insurance to deal with any financial burden arising due to medical treatment.

What is premium that is paid in every insurance policy?

It is the amount of money, fixed by the insurance company, that you pay over the period, also decided by the insurance company according to the insurance plan. The amount that is used to pay your financial losses is covered by this premium amount.

How much time it takes to settle the claim?

These days online procedure helps to settle the case which few days. The insured only has to inform the company and company starts the settlement procedure at once.

What is deductible?

It is the amount which the person who buys the insurance plan has to bear in all cases. This amount is first deducted from the total assessed payable amount claim before deciding the liability of the insurance company.

What is underwriting?

it is the consideration of the basic facts and material on which the decision is taken whether to accept the risk and what should be the rate of premium.